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There are numerous definitions of the Wimmera. From early electoral divisions, through to weather regions and perhaps most importantly, football league regions, each definition differs slightly.

We want this new Wimmera – Everything you need brand to be inclusive, so we have deliberately configured a map of the region that will allow people living near the boundaries to have the choice to join in and be included.



Natimuk has a population of about 500 people and is over 125 years old, with many historic buildings gracing Main Street.

It is situated 25 kilometres west of Horsham, 8 kilometres east of Mount Arapiles and south of the Little Desert National Park.

Natimuk is a mecca for rock-climbers, but the town has retained its original character.

Visitors are most welcome in Natimuk and encouraged to stay a while and enjoy the many sights and activities of the friendly district.

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While the distances between Wimmera towns and major cities seem large, the road system is good and in regional areas, traffic is never a problem. People who live in the Wimmera travel to other towns and cities regularly. While the distance to Melbourne, for example, may seem long, the drive is very easy and less stressful than driving through city traffic every day.

385 Edenhope            
430 212 Hopetoun          
430 95 118 Horsham        
315 80 162 115 Kaniva      
741 395 420 300 415 Melbourne    
355 108 122 75 40 375 Nhill  
430 163 62 57 117 340 78 Warracknabeal

Distance is in kilometers

Warracknabeal Minyip Dimboola Edenhope Horsham Kaniva Natimuk Nhill Rupanyup St Arnard Stawell