Need a Sound Investment

You need:

  • A supportive local economy geared for growth. 
  • Incentives for business and investment in regional Victoria. 
  • New and innovative sectors to explore and make your own. 

The Wimmera.  Everything you need.

The Wimmera is poised for economic growth. A centre for agricultural production and processing, mining, transport and manufacturing, the Wimmera is at an exciting moment of its history.

  • Wimmera businesses have learnt resilience in difficult seasonal conditions
  • The Wimmera Mallee Pipeline is complete, guaranteeing secure access to water for industry
  • New industry opportunities have been well-researched and are ready for take-up
  • The Wimmera Intermodal Freight Terminal is operational, significantly increasing transport and export options
  • State and Federal Governments have created new and fruitful incentives for investment and business development in regional Victoria.

There is no better time to explore the opportunities for investment and business development that the Wimmera offers.

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