You Need:

  • Reliable and accessible medical treatment
  • A broad range of traditional and complementary therapies
  • Highly qualified and committed medical staff

The Wimmera.  Everything you need.

Residents of the Wimmera have access to high quality health care services. In contrast to the media’s and city-dweller’s perception of regional health care, we enjoy reliable and easy access to a broad range of medical and health care services.

Our major towns all have high quality and modern hospitals, as well as private medical practices and community health care centres. There is also a growing availability of complementary therapies across the region.

Outlined below is information on the range of health services available, along with links for you to follow and explore.


The Wimmera is home to modern and high-quality hospitals. There are four major health services in the Wimmera, offering health care services at 14 different sites. A look at the sites below will show the level and breadth medical services available in the Wimmera.

In Horsham and Dimboola – Wimmera Health Care Group

In Warracknabeal, Hopetoun, Beulah – Rural Northwest Health Service

In Nhill, Kaniva, Rainbow, Jeparit, Natimuk – West Wimmera Health Service

In Edenhope – Edenhope and District Memorial Hospital


In contrast to city perceptions, there are plenty of doctors in the Wimmera. Each of the Wimmera’s main towns has multiple medical practices, many of which bulk bill. A list of medical practices can be downloaded here:

pdfimage  Where to get medical treatment

Community health centres

Community health centres provide health services for people of all ages at low cost. Not all centres provide the same services. The services that are often available include nursing, health education and promotion, physiotherapy, dental care, medical care, counselling and social welfare.

You can see the range of community health services available in the Wimmera in the Wimmera Community Directory or ask for advice at your local Council or your doctor.

Women’s health services

Women's health services support women to make informed decisions about their own health. They help women either individually or in groups with information such as where you can find your nearest female doctor, where to go to have a pap smear (a preventative test for cervical cancer), breast care, pregnancy, alcohol and drug problems, help with gambling, and where to go if you are a victim of domestic violence.

Women’s Health Grampians has information on programs and services and is a great point of contact.  Disability services

There is a range of support and services available for people with a disability and their families or carers though the Wimmera. From employment services through to arts activities, the Wimmera embraces and provides for people with a disability. More information on some of the services available can be found at:

  • Wimmera Uniting Care helps more than 8000 people each year in the Wimmera region by providing 80 plus programs and activities in children, youth and family services, disability, housing and finances. 
  • Woodbine Inc. in Warracknabeal provides accommodation, day and employment programs and training to people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Community AXIS is a Specialist Employment Service which provides job opportunities for people in our community who have barriers to employment. 
  • The Awakenings Festival is Australia’s largest disability arts festival and is held in October each year.
  • A number of services exist in the Wimmera for people who need help for mental health problems and mental illness. In most common cases, people needing assistance for mental health difficulties should contact their family doctor or community health centre. The Wimmera Primary Care Partnership produces a list of counsellors and psychologists. 


Need Links?

pdfimage  Where to get medical treatment in the Wimmera

Lifeline – 24 Hour Helpline 13 1114 www.lifeline.org.au

Kids Helpline – 24 Hour Helpline 1800 55 1800 www.kidshelp.com.au

Mens Helpline Australia – 24 Hour Crisis Line 1800 688 009 www.menslineaus.org.au

Multicultural Mental Health Australia (MMHA) 02 9840 3333 www.mmha.org.au