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Major Employment Sectors

You need

  • career opportunities in professional services
  • career opportunities in agriculture, agribusiness and manufacturing
  • a new career direction

The Wimmera.    Everything you need.

The Wimmera is a region whose predominant economic activity is primary production. We grow a substantial proportion of Australia’s and the world’s wheat, barley, oats, chick peas and lentils – among other crops.

Naturally, a lot of employment opportunities in the Wimmera are linked to the agriculture sector, both on-farm and in the large scale operations that work directly with our farm businesses, such as grain marketing, transport and freight, fertiliser and chemical sales, machinery sales and many more.

In the Wimmera we also attract high-quality financial, legal and other professional services that not only work with the agricultural sector, but with all aspects of our population.

Main employers in the Wimmera are:

  • health care, with many opportunities for nursing, doctors, dentists, allied health professionals, complementary health providers and other professional services required by any large organisation such as human recourse, accounting and legal.
  • local government, where opportunities abound for town planners, engineers, human resources managers, contracts and legal professionals, community engagement and administration.
  • financial services, with all of the large banks well-represented in the region, and a strong financial services sector that works with businesses from small and medium-sized through to multinationals.
  • agribusiness, where, now that the drought has finished and production in increasing, there is an increasing range of roles for agronomists, sales representatives, administrators and logistics coordinators.


Fast-track to the top


Emily Gash became editor of the Nhill Free Press less than two years after starting work as a journalist.

She says that the opportunity to obtain this position simply would not have happened if she had chosen to remain in Adelaide where she obtained her journalism degree.

After finishing her studies Emily successfully applied for a position at the Nhill Free Press two and a half years ago.

By October last year Emily was appointed editor.
blank She said this would not have happened if she had chosen to work in a city.

Accepting the position at the Nhill Free Press also provided Emily with an opportunity to return to the region where she had grown up and be close to her parents who moved to Horsham in 2004.

Emily spent her childhood on a farm near Goroke and the lure of her home region was great.

“I enjoy the country life after growing up on a farm. I am not a big city person. There are too many people and too many problems,” she said.

Emily said she enjoys the close connections of people living in the Wimmera. Returning to the region has meant that she could renew contacts with peers from school and with people from neighboring towns such as Edenhope. “People usually know who you are,” she said.

But more than that Emily has found that people in the Wimmera provide a far more supportive environment in which to live and work than people in a city.


Young achiever leading the way

blank Abby Dumesny opened Sassi Beauty Bar and Hair Design at the age of 23.

She has exemplary character; she is enthusiastic and passionate, and dedicated to her work. As a leader of 9 staff, Abby is motivated, she guides her employees; plans strategically, listens to employee and client feedback, and implements strategies to reach her goals.

Abby Dumesny is also dedicated to her community by supporting various community organisations.


Positive attitude reaps rewards

Emma Kealy, 34, grew up in Edenhope. After studying in Adelaide and working in regional centres and Melbourne, she returned to the town 18 months ago with her husband to take up the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Edenhope and District Memorial Hospital.

“Having worked both regional areas and Melbourne, I can say for certain that there are more opportunities for growth and development in the country. I am sure that I would not be in the role I am today if I had not gained such a wide and varied experience working in regional areas,” she said.

“There is less competition in regional areas, so I was able to take up many of the opportunities that arose, rather than battle it out for one opportunity for advancement, as is often the case in the city.
blank “Like many other young professionals in the Wimmera, I am willing to work and put in the effort to make things happen. It is great to have the chance to do that and to prove myself, even though I don’t have decades of experience. My husband, Tim, is a social worker, and has had no problem at all finding work.

“Tim and I love living and working in Edenhope. We feel very welcome and included by the community. I am on the school council and Tim has joined the football club committee.

“When we were living in Melbourne, people would think you were weird if you smiled and said hello to them at the supermarket.  But here in Edenhope, people have gone out of their way to include us, invite us over and make us feel welcome.

Need Links

Links to the region’s main employers

Health Care

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Rural Northwest Health

West Wimmera Health Service

Dunmunkle Health Services

Local Government

Horsham Rural City Council Jobs

Hindmarsh Shire Council Employment

West Wimmera Shire Council Careers

Yarriambiack Shire Council

Northern Grampians Shire 


Wimmera Catchment Management Authority

State Government Departments, including
Department of Primary Industries,
Department of Education and early Childhood Development,
Department of Human Services

GWM Water 
  Financial Services

National Australia Bank

Commonwealth Bank

Bendigo Bank

ANZ Bank


Rural Finance

Watts Price Accountants

Green Taylor Partners

Capitis Accounting 

Dianne Marchment and Associates 

Wests Currie Consultants 





Wimmera Grain Company